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Automate your company’s industrial inspection processes

Advantages of Zerogravity3DTM



Industrial Inspection is a field that requires fast and accurate systems that do not slow down the manufacturing process. Currently, in several industrial sectors, the quality control phase in the production chain is generally by sampling and requires some manipulation of each piece to be checked, which negatively impacts the final cost of the product and the scope of the process.

Zero Defects

Very often, for low-cost parts, insufficient random sampling is performed. Depending on the market demand this puts the guarantee of zero defects at risk and leads to penalties from the customer. Critical sectors such as the automotive industry require 100% of production to be inspected. The ZeroGravity3DTM technology enables compliance with zero defects without the need for manual processes and without increasing the cost of the final product.

Minimise Errors

The quality control through manual processes produces great inefficiencies and has a very negative impact on the final cost of the product due to the long verification times and the fact that due to fatigue, there may be human errors that result in mistakes during the process.


Our technology provides traceability and tracking of key indicators that prevent future defects or deviations in production, reducing the discarding of parts and minimising the costs of non-quality.


ZeroGravity3DTM is a highly scalable system that allows the control of a highly diverse range of different types and sizes of parts, without the need for reconfiguration or custom adaptations.

Cost Savings

By enabling automatic quality control, the return on investment is very fast and does not negatively impact the final price of the product.


Thanks to our interaction with the industrial sector, the weaknesses of the quality control process have been identified and we have managed to innovate to solve the problems encountered. ZeroGravity3DTM incorporates several international patents.

3D Machine Vision

Machine Vision, and more specifically, 3D Machine Vision, is one of the fastest growing fields in the industry and is applied to many industrial processes, mostly for quality control and traceability. With ZeroGravity3DTM it is possible to take 3D machine vision to sectors and processes where the existing technology was not available until now due to cost and/or because it was not suitable to be added into the production line.

Industry 4.0

ZeroGravity3DTM is a modern industry 4.0 enabler system. It incorporates advanced techniques of artificial intelligence and automatic learning. It also allows the generation of real-time indicators to feed predictive maintenance systems that detect deviations in production processes and avoid unexpected production stoppages.

Profitability and Continuous Improvement

Zerogravity3DTM is a fundamental tool for automatising industrial inspection processes in line