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Advanced 3D Industrial Inspection System

ZeroGravity3DTM is an innovative inspection system that uses 360° 3D Artificial Vision techniques for online quality control. An industrial solution that is easy to integrate into the production process and allows real-time capture, 3D reconstruction and inspection of each part while it is in free fall, without any contact, manipulation or concealment
Quality control in industry requires fast, accurate and versatile systems that do not slow the manufacturing process down. Zerogravity3DTM enables online quality control without the need to adapt the system to each type of part thanks to the versatility of its design.

What can ZeroGravity3DTM do for you?

Automate Quality Control

It allows the automatic inspection of parts that are currently verified manually or that are only controlled by sampling with traditional 2D/3D systems, enabling quality control over 100% of production.

A System that is Scalable and Versatile

It is a system that can be easily adapted to the production process and to the wide variety of shapes and sizes of the different items in the catalogue (screws, springs, wire parts, etc.). Adaptable to the specific needs of both size and precision.


Thanks to the innovative capture system that avoids obstructions and the need for manipulation, we can perform geometric analysis, dimensional metrology (GD&T) and surface analysis including textures, at the same time.

Developed with Constant Research and Innovation

ZeroGravity3DTM has been developed by an R&D team specialising in advanced industrial vision systems, in close collaboration with the industry with the aim of solving the real problems they face on a daily basis.

Increase your Competitiveness

In a globalised environment, our goal is to help you improve your production processes to reduce costs and increase productivity while ensuring the quality of your products.

Proprietary Patented Technology

Our system has been developed from scratch, which has allowed us to create an innovative system protected by international patents, which goes much further than other more traditional systems or systems based on third-party technology. This gives us the versatility to be able to adapt to the specific needs of your company.

ZeroGravity3DTM is your solution

Multiple Applications for Quality Control

A versatile and complete system that combines the control of geometry and dimensions (GD&T metrology) in the production line, as well as the quality of the surface finish, all in a single device.

Process Optimisation

The system has a low maintenance cost and a highly productive level of performance which enables the online quality control of 100% of the production, without hindering the production processes, and without negatively impacting the final cost of your products.

Do you want to optimise your industrial inspection processes?